FPE Plumbing

FPE Plumbing T’s AND C’s

All materials remain the property of FPE Plumbing until paid in full.

All materials recovered from site, becomes property of FPE Plumbing, without any cost to FPE Plumbing.


By paying the deposit or any job/jobs allocated and signing of quote in acceptance, it will be considered as an official order and all FPE Plumbing terms are accepted.
Work will commence or appointment made once payment reflects, in FPE Plumbing bank account.

Payment terms immediately by Card, EFT or Cash before jobs commence Or as per Deposit invoice and immediately upon work completion the outstanding amount. All cost accrued, in the process of money to be collected will be an additional cost to the client.

If any amount is not paid with in the agreed term the debtor shall be liable for interest at the maximum rate permitted by law from time to time, including without limiting the generality thereof, such interest shall be calculated and added monthly provided that the interest shall be added to the whole amount from the principal dept, and shall bear interest as aforesaid.

In the event of the creditor instructing attorneys to collect from the debtor an amount owing to the creditor the debtor agrees to pay all costs on the scale as per between attorney and own client, including collection charges.

The debtor consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates court.

In case of any dispute arising, FPE Plumbing will appoint an independent assessor to give an independent report, and whichever party is guilty consents to pay the assessor and rectify the dispute that has risen.

The client must, in writing, produce evidence within 3 working days from date of work completion, of any grievance, and may not redeem or withhold any outstanding money.


FPE Plumbing will not be held liable or responsible for any delay from Manufacturer or Supplier.

Manufacturers and Suppliers lead times apply.


Any hidden costs, which could not be determined from plans or site inspections at the time of doing the quote or additional work that may be required due to latent defects in existing work shall be for the customer’s account.
Only work quoted on in writing will be carried out. Instructions, or requests for additional work must be made by the customer to FPE Plumbing, which shall be put in writing and the price agreed upon and signed by the relevant parties before work there upon commence.

Estimates given for work underground will be adjusted by time of Invoice and will be done with utmost care, consideration and honesty to the client. Client will be responsible and liable for such extra cost as this was not intentional and unforeseen.

Under any circumstances if the client retracts the work order and materials was bought for such said job, the materials and time spent may be deducted from the paid deposit, and the client will be responsible and liable to collect such materials per arrangements made by FPE Plumbing. Handling fees may also be charged and deducted from deposit, including mark-up.

NO discount will be negotiated after work completion.

Price based on continuous work if not Standing time may be claimed from the main contractor/client.

No money may be kept back under any circumstances including retention or dissatisfaction by client.

Quotes and Estimates valid for 7 days from date of quote or estimate.
Quote only valid if accepted in entirety

Prices subject to manufacturer / supplier, and may change without prior written notice.

Hourly rates apply from the time arrived at clients gate, and only stops by the time leaving the site.
Time of leaving the site includes packing up and cleaning.


Client to take responsibility for excavation if electrical cable, water pipes or any unforeseen service is damaged and needs to be repaired. This will attract an extra cost above quote or estimate. We will excavate with caution but accidents do happen.


Appointment and time duration of work to be agreed, when quoted for in writing.

If appointments are arranged and no access can be gained by FPE Plumbing, a Call out will be charged.


Power point to be supplied by Client within 20m of work area. If not, the client will be invoiced for generator and petrol incl markup and standing time.

Due to load shedding if appointments was arranged it is the owner/tenant/occupant’s responsibility to notify FPE Plumbing timeously before teams arrive on site and to reschedule appointments.( at least 2 hours ahead of appointment time). In the case of load shedding and FPE plumbers was not notified in time a call out fee will apply as per standard rates of FPE Plumbing. Client agrees to pay these fees.

Toilets to be provided by client.


Prices quoted on does not include for medical, inductions or any other related costs.
All other conditions as per the Tender documents where applicable and stated in writing.

All waste bins and removal to be provided by the Main Contractor / Client, except where quoted for in writing.

FPE Plumbing has not allowed for complying with “green” waste removal systems


All work to be done during normal office working hours, except for Emergency call outs. Emergency after hours rates apply.

Normal office hours:

MON – FRI from 08:00 to 16:30

Saturdays- AFTER HOURS


Please note: Office is closed over weekends for any Invoice, Quotes, Estimates or other admin related queries, and will only attend to emergencies.

Any queries may be directed to admin@fpeplumbing.co.za


Drains do not carry any guarantees whatsoever.

Materials – as per manufacturer.

Thermostats, elements, safety valve (TP Valves) and gaskets – as per manufacturer but will attract an extra cost for Labour. (Remove and install)

Please note that if any other contractor or client/person works on any work done by FPE Plumbing the Warrantee, Guarantee or COC will be considered nil and void from FPE Plumbing.
FPE Plumbing cannot be held responsible or liable when disconnecting water supply for any blockages caused by reconnecting water supply. These blockages caused, will be invoiced at an hourly rate including materials to be used.

Tap seals do not carry any guarantee whatsoever.

Geyser thermostats are set to 60deg C, by FPE Plumbing, and will not fall under any guarantee or warranty from FPE Plumbing if the client feels the thermostat needs to be adjusted it would be charged according to FPE Plumbing rates.

SANS regulation clearly states that the standard is 55deg C, and the Manufacturer guidelines states that the thermostat may not be set on more than 65deg C.

According to Manufacturers of Pressure Control valves and geysers, if a purchase invoice cannot be produced or a geyser serial plate is not attached to the geyser that such warrantee is also nil and void.